A smoke-free environment promotes a secure and healthy work environment. Smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke have been linked to significant lung, heart, and cancer conditions. [EMPLOYER] is aware of the risks associated with using tobacco products and being around tobacco smoke. To maintain a secure and healthy working environment, our policy was designed to ensure a tobacco-free setting for all workers and guests. This policy applies to both workers and non-employee visitors of [EMPLOYER] and prohibits the use of any tobacco product, including cigarettes, "spit" tobacco, and oral tobacco products. The business maintains a tobacco- and smoke-free workplace. No using cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or other tobacco products, including vaping equipment, is permitted.

No Open Flame:

Open flames of any kind, including bonfires, fire pits, outdoor fire places, and the like, are strictly forbidden. Only a fire pit or fire place built by or given by the lessor qualifies as an exception, and in that instance, any fire or open flame is limited to just that fire pit or fire place at the site designated by the lessor. Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($250.00) shall be fined for any infraction of this clause. Additionally, Lessees acknowledge that even though this clause permits them to utilize open flames on the property, they are still equally and severally liable for any damages, costs, or penalties incurred by the lessor as a result, including trash cleanup costs. Lessees recognise, in particular, that ANY open fire on.

No Cooking:

No cooking food inside the office space is permitted.

No loud Music:

No loud music inside the office space is permitted.

No Hazardous Materials:

Use or storage of hazardous materials is prohibited. Asbestos, petroleum products, and the definitions of "hazardous substance" and "hazardous waste" found in CERCLA and RCRA, as each may be amended, are all examples of materials that are considered hazardous and that are subject to regulation under any federal, state, or local law, ordinance, order, rule, regulation, code, or other governmental restriction or requirement.